Michael 2015-2016 -”David helped me loose 8 stone over a year with very clear nutritional ¬†and exercise advise, I went from over 22 stone to 14 stone in a year”

Brian 2009-2017 -” Love training with David he has always kept our sessions great fun, varied but challenging………. from working at a desk I get recurrent back injuries but David has really improved my core strength and my back injuries are a thing of the past”

Zina 2000-2017 -” I have a regular sports massage with David and can honestly say he is an amazing masseuse and always make me feel very relaxed, comfortable and invigorated”


Ellie 2015-2016 -” I trained with David for over a year whilst going through a difficult time in my life and he helped me to get back in shape but was also a great friend to me when i needed to bend his ear!”

Ralph 2015-2017- “I just love training with David his sessions are varied tough but always great fun”

Marianne 2000-2016- ” David trained me and a group of my friends which has a real hoot and has subsequently trained virtually ¬†every member of my family…”

Dawn 2012-2014-” David made me appreciate the value of exercise and healthy eating rather than a constant battle with the scales, I now do loads of cycling events and fun runs and am loving my body again”