Epsom Outdoor Circuits

Get Fit, Tone up, Burn some Flab and Feel energised for the rest of the day.
‘Can’t beat the feeling’

Epsom Outdoor Circuits is starting after Easter till the end of Summer. Outdoor Circuit classes will be held at Court Recreation Park, off Pound Lane in Epsom with car parking facilities. We exercise whatever the weather so come prepared to get you hands dirty.

Training will be circuit based, a mixture of resistance and cardio based exercises proven to be a highly effective way of fat burning and muscle toning. The circuit will last for an hour and will be taken by REPS approved Personal Trainers and will suit all abilities.

Sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10AM and Saturday and Sunday Mornings. Subject to demand further sessions will be added early mornings and early evening to facilitate commuters.

What are you waiting for? Contact David on 07980 312 488 or email david@lancasterfitness.net